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The Tenda 3G611R+ is a 3G 4G EVDO network-compatible 150Mbps Wireless N Router with WiFi wireless Access Point functions, 4-port switch and built-in firewall. The Tenda 3G611R+ allows you to connect to the internet 3 different ways.

First, you can connect by plugging your mobile broadband modem into the router's built-in USB port. A suitable option for those who want an easy and effective way for multiple computers and network devices to make use of their mobile broadband solution, while keeping the freedom of wireless mobility. This option opens a new realm of convenience and possibilities for groups traveling closely together or at temporary locations.

Second is the wireless WAN feature. This feature allows you to set the wireless WAN port to amplify another wireless signal under the protection of the built-in firewall – a useful method when signals are not strong enough in some Wi-Fi areas.

Third, a DSL/Cable WAN connection port has been retained in the design of the 3G611R+ for more conventional networking needs.

In addition to these access methods, the 3G611R+ features WDS (Wireless Distribution System) to enable you to bridge other wireless routers and extend coverage, QoS (Quality of Service) bandwidth control, to control download speeds for specific IPs, and a Tenda-developed setup wizard that makes installation easy for all users.

The 3G611R+ provides a flexible, yet stable way to share the Internet via 3G / EVDO USB modem, wireless broadband, or traditional broadband access ways.

Our routers have been tested with high speed internet USB modems from Reliance, Tata, MTS, Vodafone, Airtel, Aircel, Idea, BSNL 3G, BSNL EVDO and MTNL 3G.


  High-speed data connection with rate up to 21.1Mbps*
  NAT & NAPT with VPN pass-through Virtual Server
  Automatic receipt of IP address with DHCP server
  Browser-base configuration and easy set-up wizard
  Access Control to manage users
  User-friendly configuration and diagnostic utilities
  Industry-leading firewall security
  Supports 802.11b/g/n, Access Points, Routers and Gateway Server Applications
  Optional 12V car-charger which allows you to connect to the Internet whilst in your car
  Supports Windows XP / 2000 / Vista / Windows 7, Linux 2.4 / 2.6 & Mac 
  Modem not supplied with device

This device the below Datacards in the market today -


Reliance Netconnect +: Huawei EC168C, Huawei EC1260, Huawei EC1262, Huawei EC150, ZTE AC 2726, ZTE AC 2736

Tata Photon +: Huawei EC152, Huawei EC168C, Huawei EC1260, Huawei EC1261, ZTE AC 8710, Olive VM101**, Epivalley SEC-8089, Epivalley SEC-8380, Huawei EC156

MTS: ZTE AC 2766, AnyData ADU-555C, ZTE AC 2746, Huawei E122**


BSNL 3G: Huawei E156G, Micromax 310G

Reliance 3G: ZTE MF190, ZTE MF668, Huawei E173

Idea 3G: Huawei E1550, Huawei EC1732, Huawei E367 
Vodafone 3G: Huawei K3520, ZTE K3570-Z, Vodafone ZTE 3770-Z

Airtel 3G: Huawei E1731, Huawei E153, Beetel MF190

Tata Docomo 3G: Huawei E177, ZTE MF631, Huawei E367

Aircel 3G: Huawei E177, Huawei E1750C

The following unlocked 3G HSDPA modems are supported (3.6Mbps): Micromax 310G
The following unlocked 3G HSUPA modems are supported (7.2Mbps): Huawei UMG181
The following unlocked 3G HSPA modems are supported (21Mbps): Huawei UMG1831, Sierra Wireless USB 308, Huawei E353, Huawei E368, Huawei E367






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