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The MBR900 bridges the wired and wireless worlds seamlessly. It features the broadest support of mobile broadband data modems available on the market today, and has easily upgradable firmware for future technology advances. Built with advanced data throughput management for wired services (Cable, T1, or DSL) as well as mobile broadband, your WiFi network has never been more flexible at such a affordable price.


The MBR900 is essentially two routers in one. Ready to be used with an active 3G/4G mobile broadband device, it also supports ethernet-based data connections. Also, with the MBR900’s built-in failover/failback feature, you can use both wired and wireless together to create a redundant internet connection.


When your wired data service is interrupted, within 30 seconds the MBR900 will automatically connect to an attached active data modem - keeping you connected and online. Once service is restored, the MBR900 will automatically failback to your primary connection - minimizing the time you’re connected to the data modem. The MBR900 is the perfect solution to keep your business flowing.


Powered by WiPipe™ technology, the MBR900 includes many features found in expensive, enterprise -class routers at a fraction of the cost with minimal setup and maintenance. No software to load means you’ll be up and running in minutes.


The MBR900 comes standard with top security features like multiple concurrent VPN pass-through sessions, encryption modes including WEP, WPA/ WPA2/WPA2Enterprise and a firewall which prevents unauthorized use of your connection. Confidently and securely access the Internet and share your data connection with up to 30 people or devices.



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