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What you once Safestored is always stored Safe!

SafeStore is our unique technique to secure your data! With SafeStore security it is impossible to access your data without the correct password. When you open a SafeStore on your PC for the first time you need to create your own personal pin code! You create it with a minimum of 5 digits numeric or alphanumeric. Safestore security cannot be turned off, or cracked, thanks to our unique SafeStore Brute force protection with AES 256 encryption. You don’t have to install any software on your computer, SafeStore security is built into the USB Flash memory. If you lose your memory, the finder has 5 attempts to guess your password, after that SafeStore locks permanently and will only open up again after a total reset of the memory. This means that SafeStore returns to factory settings, and automatically deletes all data. Of course no one could ever find out what you had on the memory. And all data is protected with an 256 AES encryption. That is why we say: Safestore is probably the safest USB flash memory in the world!


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