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Ideal for small businesses, satellite offices, remote or home workers the UBM 200i Unified Bandwidth Management appliance not only brings reliability, efficiency and stability to your connectivity, but is also our lowest priced desktop solution for link balancing. Load balancing Internet links, the UBM 200i raises your available bandwidth above that of any single connection, doubling your available bandwidth both on upload and download improves web browsing and email access, FTP, push and pull services, remote desktop access and applications, streaming video


  No routers required, the unique UBM200i has built in routers so no need to purchase or deploy separate.
  1 device, 1 interface, 1 configuration, 1 plug – simple, easy all in one solution
  Easy to install, the UBM 200i simply deploys into your existing network and can working with your firewall    and other services.
  Easy to configure. The built in UBM Manager software allows you to easily configure and monitor your     device.
  Link Balancing. Create balanced traffic for VPN’s, WAN’s and ISP services
  Doubles capacity. Any combination of ADSL, SDSL, Cable, Leased Line or ISDN connection is supported     by the UBM 200i.
 Intelligent bandwidth control. Manage how applications use the available links, giving key services     priority and more bandwidth along a specific connection.
  Automatic failover. Should one of your connections fail, the UBM device automatically directs requests     through all alternative connections.
  Supports 50+ users. The UBM 200i supports a guideline of 50 users and Internet aware devices.

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